Here’s Why We Love Nadine Lustre

Stunning as always, Nadine Lustre is our favorite cover girl as she posed for the October issue of Metro Magazine.

The covers released by Metro Mag embodied Nadine’s best characteristics. Through the descriptions, they were able to put into words why we love the Multimedia Princess.

Here’s how Metro Mag introduced Nadine:

“With a tangible spirit that resonates from her very person, and even on her social media, Nadine has reached a celebrity status that can only be defined by the number of followers that watch her every move. Yet, rather than be self-conscious, she chose to double-down on her identity, proud and strong.”

We are all proud of Nadine when she bagged FHM’s Sexiest Woman title. However, Nadine tells us that being sexy is beyond the physical. For her, confidence is sexy.

“…likes to keep it real, some would even say she’s “unfiltered”. But that is just one of the many things about this multi-hyphenated talent. With a real voice, sense of style and drive, it is no wonder she’s one of the most defining personalities of showbiz today.”

Many people know Nadine as an honest and straightforward woman. She doesn’t sugarcoat and she is not afraid to speak her mind.

“I’m not adjusting my life based on my ‘image'” says #NadineLustre (@nadine), refusing to bow down to the pressure of others. “I’m not their canvas. I am my own canvas and I’m my own artist. I paint what I want and no one else can touch it.” Some say fame is like a tight-rope act, a nerve-wrecking balance of many compromises; yet, Nadine fears neither the heights, nor the demands that want to tip her off the edge. Because between celebrity status and the freedom to be herself, she dares to have it all.”

If there is one word to describe her, it would be “FEARLESS”.

“We already know she’s multi-talented; we’ve seen her light up the stage with her singing and dancing; we’ve seen her steal the show in a silver screen, and we’ve scrolled through her charmingly curated feed. But how much do we know about her tango with fame? We sat down with the femme fatale behind the headlines, only to find that beneath her viral exterior is a woman that is truly personal, always hoping to reach out to someone willing to listen.”

Her friends say Nadine is a very caring person who doesn’t forget her roots. There is more to Nadine than what we see on television and movies.

“She goes by many achievements: Actress, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, trendsetter and Instagram queen. But only one name, that’s @nadine! …With so many titles and accomplishments under her name, people are inclined to ask, what exactly is Nadine’s end game? Her response, “I just want to be an inspiration to a lot of people to be themselves.”

If there is one thing that we can learn from Nadine Lustre, it is to always be true to ourselves. Be your own person.

Thank you, Nadine, for inspiring us. Continue to slay, Queen!


Photo credits to @metromagph IG

5 Times Nadine Lustre Showed Us No One Can Bring Her Down

  1. Her honesty is one of the reasons her fans love her so much.

In the midst of controversies, Nadine puts on a brave face and says exactly what she thinks. A girl who is not afraid to speak her thoughts is a girl for keeps.

  1. Not everyone will like her.

Nadine has experienced bashing and bullying online, but guess what? She doesn’t let them affect her. She realized that she can’t please everyone and she doesn’t have to change herself to appeal to those people.

  1. She’s got her friends to back her up.

Nadine’s friends are there to support her whenever she needs them. Some of her closest friends are her boyfriend James Reid, Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Myrtle Sarrosa, Lauren Reid, Kiana Valenciano, and her glam team.

  1. Sometimes, it’s okay to take some time off.

The Multimedia Princess decided to deactivate her Twitter account. She also turned off the comments section of her Instagram account to prevent hate from spreading.

  1. She has the best words to go by.

It is noticeable that Nadine’s bio in her Instagram shows her brave side.

“They can’t scare me, if I scare them first” – Lady Gaga

No one can ever bring our Queen down!

SEE: Nadine’s Hairstyles that You Can Copy

Aside from being the #OOTD Queen, Nadine Lustre can also pull of any hairstyle. Her latest hairstyles in the noontime show, “It’s Showtime!”, are being copied by many girls in the Philippines.

Here are some of Nadine’s hairstyles for inspiration:

Long and Wavy

Half-up/Half-down Double Buns


Messy Bun

Double Buns/ Space Buns

Long and straight



8 Times Nadine Made Us Say “Same.”

Everyone would say that Nadine Lustre is the epitome of perfection. But really, she’s just like us.

Even celebrities have their moments. Beneath the glamour lies the truth that we are all created the same.

Below are some ancient tweets of Multimedia Princess, Nadine Lustre, that prove she’s actually us.

  1. The Sexiest Woman in the Philippines is hungry all the time. Same, girl, same.
  1. She can’t get enough zzz. Same.
  1. We’ve all dreamed of becoming rockstars.
  1. When puberty hasn’t hit us yet.
  1. And here I thought it’s just me.
  1. She’s THAT person in the group.
  1. And when we made this promise.

Tbh, we are all Nadine.

Do you agree? Share it with us in the comments section below!


Have you ever been told that you are not good enough?


Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre and Philippines bet on Asia’s Next Top Model Maureen Wroblewitz are both popular in their chosen career tracks. Nadine has been hailed this year’s sexiest woman in the country by FHM magazine despite not having posed as their cover girl. Maureen was declared winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 and is the first Filipina to win the title. For them, the road to success was not easy. They had to work hard and endure constant bullying from the people around them.

Bullying is the repetitive use of power to intimidate or harm a person physically, verbally, emotionally, or mentally. It can take place anywhere—house, school, streets, and even on the internet. Cyberbullying has been a nagging issue in the society ever since the digital era came to rise.

In an ad for one of her endorsements, Nadine shared how people used to tell her that she won’t make it. She often gets comments like she’s not pretty, she’s way too ordinary, and she often gets compared to many girls. The actress had to tolerate her bashers in social media everyday.

Similarly, Maureen got bullied by her competitors in several episodes of AsNTM. She was told that she’s just “a pretty face with no skills” and that she doesn’t deserve to be a part of the competition because there are more talented models than her.

However, the lovely women didn’t let these words get to them. Nadine tuned out those who didn’t have anything good to say. Instead, she improved herself. She felt better by taking care of herself, which made her feel confident and beautiful.  Likewise, Maureen didn’t let the other contestants bring her down. She used her inexperience as an advantage and proved them wrong by claiming her well-deserved title.

Both of them worked hard to achieve what they want. They got stronger because of the rocks that people throw at them. Nadine and Maureen, both beautiful in their own ways, rose above their bullies and become who they are today.